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Audit services

Our reputable team consists authorised auditors, accountants and economists . Ask for offer for audit services for your company!

On- stop-shop solution for your business. A modern way of taking care about your business.

Consulting on legal, accounting, taxes, financies and other issues for your business.

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Trust your business in our hands. You only care about making a profit, we take care of the rest.

We are Global Consulting Group

The frequent changes in the legislation, the obligations that companies should pursue towards the state administration, the care of employees, the maintenance of mandatory accounting records and financial records and analyzes preoccupy the working day of today’s entrepreneur. The work of the entrepreneur is the development of the company and increase profit. Trust all administrative, legal, accounting and financial services to our professionals. Your only concern should be just making profits and the growth and development of the company.

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Audit services

Our team of certified auditors, consultants, economists and certified accountants provide you with top-notch audit services for financial statement auditing, project audit, contractual financial and audit analysis

Business consulting

Economic and legal consulting for your business from our renowned team of certified auditors, certified accountants and lawyers

Legal services - founding new companies

Our legal team offers top professional services for your business. Visit our web site for establishing a new company with us novafirma.mk

Business plans - application for funds

Our reputable team enables you to develop professional business plans and prepare applications for multiple domestic and international business support calls.

Payroll and Human resources

We take care of your employees. Preparation of complete documentation for human resources (rulebooks, contracts, decisions, etc.) reporting and dismissal of employees in Employment Agency as well as preparation of salaries for companies with larger number of employees.

Business consulting - annual subscription

Accounting, tax, financial and legal consulting for your business with our annual subscription to our platform Smetkovoditeli.com.mk