Audit services

According to the Company Law, audit of financial statements is obligatory for medium and large companies. In this context, a middle company is a company that has met at least 2 of the following 3 criteria in two consecutive years: number of employees over 50, revenue over EUR 2,000,000 and average total assets over EUR 2,000,000.

According to the Company Law, companies are subject to audit of financial statements when performing status changes, mergers, divisions or mergers, transformations from SC to LLC and vice versa.

Financial statements are subject to audit at financial companies, banks, insurance companies and other types of legal entities for which the obligation to perform audit is provided by other laws.


GLOBAL GROUP CONSULTING Skopje is a reputable company that provides audit services, business consulting (tax, economic and legal consulting) and legal services.

The Company holds an audit license issued by the Audit Promotion and Supervision Council.

The Company is a member of the Audit Registry of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia.

The company’s staff and its outside experts are experts in their field and thanks to their expertise and efficient work, the company has a large number of satisfied clients. Our team consists of two certified auditors, certified accountants, economists, a lawyer and one office and marketing administrator.